Welcome to Redgate Capital


Redgate Capital Group offers financial advice and investment services for corporations, institutional and private investors in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. We currently have offices in Tallinn and Riga.


Redgate Capital Group operates in two main areas:


  • Investment banking, including corporate finance and financial advice.
  • Direct investments in companies and real estate.
Bond issues advised by Redgate
Bond issue Interest rate % Maturity Date Secured
Creditstar 8,00 01.09.2017 No
Finora Capital 9,75 15.03.2018 Yes
Creditstar 11,00 01.06.2018 Yes
Mainor Ülemiste 7,00 26.11.2018 No
PlusPlus Capital 13,00 01.02.2019 Yes
PlusPlus Capital 12,00 01.10.2019 Yes
Creditstar 12,50 01.12.2019 Yes
Hüpoteeklaen 8,00 30.01.2020 Yes
IuteCredit Europe A9 14,00 15.06.2020 Yes

If you wish to receive more information about the bonds then write to us bonds@redgatecapital.eu.